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Our Solution

Hotels & Condominiums

In today’s competitive markets, most hotels & condominiums need to provide to guests, visitors and tenants a professional concierge service. This may sound like a great marketing strategy, but to successfully implement it, experienced employees must be hired and trained.

The cost of annual payroll-related expenses associated with this service can reach up to $70,000. Moreover, such costly initiative does not ensure delivery of the level of service you may expect from your staff to your guests.

To cut down on expenses, most properties merge concierge with front desk or bell staff. The results are never satisfactory as the attention is never focused 100% on the guests’ needs.

Your Miami Concierge offers a cost-effective solution by providing to the hotel or condominium a staff of professional concierge and turning all variable payroll-associated expenses into a fixed monthly Management Fee and expense that fits your budget and your guests’ needs.

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